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Video Macbeth

Macbeth: "Without You"

Genero: Black Gothic Metal

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The Wounded - The Art of Grief

The Wounded is a Dutch wave-rock band, hailing from the province of Drenthe, in the north of The Netherlands. They play intense and melancholy rock.
A great album for those who are at their best during Fall… The Wounded plays a dark mix of Gothic and Dark Wave, inspired by names like Anathema, My Dying Bride, The Cure and the Sisters of Mercy. They are standing on the brink of breakthrough as is proved by the fact that they made it to the semi-finals of the Dutch national band contest for promising bands "De Grote Prijs van Nederland". 'The art of grief' is their first album. It gives a good display of their abilities…

Marco v.d. Velde sings mostly with a clear voice comparable to that of My Dying Bride's Aaron. Aside from this, he occasionally grunts with a very dry, raw grunt. A combination that can be very enchanting, at least if it's performed well. And trust me, it is…

The Wounded: "The Art of Grief" 2000

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Space: http://www.myspace.com/thewoundednl

Official: http://www.the-wounded.nl/

Astaarth - Golden Age of a Dead Empire Demo


ASTAARTH was founded in 1996 in Dijon ( BURGUNDY ).Two years after,the first démo tape " History of our yesterday's pride " was born.
In 2000,the first album "Golden age of a dead empire "was recorded.This two creations was influenced by the Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal scene with lyricals based in the great Burgundian history.
Astaarth: "Golden Age of a Dead Empire" Demo 2002


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Fearlight - Our Legacy

Esta semana les subo esta genial banda de pagan folk metal muy recomendada juegan con sonidos muy cercanos al doom y al gothic lo q hace que los temas no sean aburridos la voz de la vocalista (Albinoni) es muy dulce q adereza aun mas las canciones.

Fearlight: "Our Legacy" 2007


Official: http://www.fearlight.com/

Winter's Thrall - In:Through:Out EP

You are either growing or dying. There is no in between.

Most of us are in the thrall of Winter. There is coming though, an infinite Spring. We feel the cruel claws of Winter all the more intensely because of our nascent awareness of it; but in the depth of the cold night, when you are chilled to the core of your being, the inevitable, warm wind of tomorrow seems a million years away.

Let the music into your ears, and it will make its way into your soul. There, it will crystallize all your hurt and fear. In the bright flame of your consciousness, you will melt it away. All the things which you once knew, when time did not exist, shall be again. For they are the truth. The knowledge of fire is yours, you have but forgotten it for a moment.

What does this mean? The question determines the answer. Everything is within your power.

This EP is recorded with drummer Nick Barker in the UK. Nick was a founding and longtime member of Cradle of Filth, and drummer of Dimmu Borgir.

Winter's Thrall: "In:Through:Out" EP 2007

Available Ep for download in their web

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Space: http://www.myspace.com/wintersthrall

Official: http://www.wintersthrall.com/install.php

Mourners Lament - Unbroken Solemnity EP

Abandono, muerte y perdición es la trilogía de influencias a la que se encomienda Mourners Lament, un grupo formado en 2004 y dedicado al funeral doom metal con influencias death metal, la variante más lóbrega y oscura de los repertorios metaleros. Con una base rítmica formada por el bajista Rodrigo Gálvez y el baterista Luis Moya, provenientes de las bandas Mar de Grises y Poema Arcanvs respectivamente, el cuarteto lanzó en junio de 2007 su primer EP "Unbroken solemnity"

Mourners Lament: "Unbroken Solemnity" EP 2008


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Space: http://www.myspace.com/mournerslament