miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008

Darkspace - Darkspace II


Darkspace are one of the bands that are active in the black metal scene and have a pretty strong following among most fans The music is in essence a mix of two genres, black metal and dark ambient. The blend makes it hard to define this band as purely black metal since only half this album actually has guitars and drums on it. The three songs are also extremely long and should be viewed as one whole piece. Darkspace take things further into the ambient and atmospheric territory, utilizing minimalistic keys and looping guitar themes. There is a lot more breathing space, especially when they turn completely ambient; yet when they crank up the electricity, things get deliciously suffocating. They make use of more clean vocals, which sound like incantations, and the screaming vocals are simply out of this world. If you love darkness, you could do a lot worse than losing yourselves in Darkspace. Darkspace: "Darkspace II" 2005


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